Download Jingling TRAFFIC Software Free [LATEST VERSION]

Free download Jingling Traffic Software.This software brings the traffic to your websites like bots are used to automatically generate the traffic to your website. The language of jingling software is in English but we provided assistance to help you in other languages.  By using Download Jingling Traffic software you are not dependent on search engines traffic. This software is in simple Chinese language but you can learn by searching Tutorial on How to use and download Jingling Traffic Bot.  It is very easy just you have to put your desired website’s  URL and the bot will start generating traffic to your website and you can make a good earning profit from it. You can Download Jingling Traffic Software Latest Version by clicking below on download button.


Download Jingling traffic Software:

The traffic getting through Jingling software seems to be original and it is shown even in Google Analytics but the reality is that now leads will be made by your site download jingling to make fun and get free traffic. Free Download Jingling Traffic Software but you have also kept it in mind that it is just a robot, not a real people controlling traffic exchanging software. It is pronounced as jiggling mistakenly and its English version is called its. just search for jingling software download. This Jingling Traffic software is being used by freelancers on marketplaces like Fiverr, who are basically deceiving their customers by giving them spam traffic and fake views to blogs and websites. In this regard Jingling is revenue software. Jingling traffic software or bot downloading is now very easy and simple using the link.


  • You can generate thousands of traffic to your site and your website’s  Alexa ranking and authority will surely increase in search engines like google and yahoo.
  • It is very beneficial if you are using PTP or CPM ads networks for learning. It will surely help you in boosting your earning in that case.


  • If you are using Google Adsense on your blog or website, then this jingling traffic software is very dangerous to use. It will surely cause to blocked your Adsense because Google is a very strict search engine and don’t accept bot traffic or exchange traffic.


1: Jingling Traffic Software V 4.0.2 Free Download

Jingling Bot v 4.0.2 is in the Chinese language if it suits you download it for free from below link:





2: Jingling Traffic Software V 4.0.4 Free Download

It’s the latest version of Jingling Bot and it’s also in Chinese language, Download Jingling 4.0.4 from below link:




3: Jingling Traffic Software English Free Download

 Here is what most of the people waiting for. Download Jingling English Version from below Link:

Download jingling-traffic-software-english-free-download


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