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Download Complete WordPress Theme Development Course

Here, you can Download Complete WordPress Theme Development Course at free of cost that will help you to Develop and customize your Web Themes. The WordPress Theme Development Course is designed for building a web theme for your Stunning websites to make them attractive/responsive
WordPress Theme Development Course

 or your Clients that lead your business to success to earn a lot of money through this. WordPress is a Content Management System “CMS” that is very helpful for you to manage your Website Data by using User-friendly Interface. WordPress Professional Theme Development is the one of Famous and biggest Content Management System “CMS” that is commonly used for Website Theme Development.

What You’ll Learn 
·         The template process of the Theme.
·         The loop and common Functionality.
·         To set up the menu bar and widgets.

Features of WordPress Theme Development Course

·         In Complete WordPress Theme Development Course, you will Learn this course with the help of Scratch.
·         The configuration of a Local Server.
·         It Included 30 PSD Files effectively.
·         Effectively included pictures for this Development course and Content plus other materials to create Amazing WordPress Themes.
·         You will learn How to Save and then Display page content from MySQL Database in this course.
·         How to integrate a user commenting system for.
·         The main you will learn about; How WordPress Theme Files work in this.
·         It Includes HTML5 and css3.
·         It is Consider as Best Practices in WordPress Theme Development.
·         Custom Page Templates.
Who is the Target audience?
·         Complete WordPress Theme Development Course is mainly for Web Designers who are interested in web Theme Development.
·         This course is helpful for the people who have knowledge of HTML and CSS.
·         The people who have or not having the experience about WordPress or WordPress theme development can learn a lot from this course.
·         This basic development course is not for the experts and WordPress developers of high level.

  Download Complete WordPress Theme Development Course

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Price: Free

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