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HMA! Pro VPN For Windows Free download

Download Latest HMA Pro VPN for windows from File Softwares free of Cost.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to hide your original location to the internet and serves the world as anonymous. It’s not very easy to secure and then encrypt your internet connection

HideMyAss VPN  has services to access over 5500 IP address in the world over 290 Location over 770 Servers almost worldwide. The fast Speed Guide helps locate the fastest VPN servers for your connection.

HMA! Pro VPN For Windows Free download

HMA Pro VPN Features:

Easy to use:
go to the dashboard enter your username and password. choose best VPN you want and click connect to the VPN.

Multi-protocol Feature
Our digital non-public network is blazing speedy and leaves the free proxy in its dust.

Load balancing
If there are multiple servers in a particular area, load balancing will advocate you which one’s server has the least customers related, making sure you hook up with the least loaded server.

Geographic advice
Vpn that is located closest to your physical area will typically be the quickest on your internet connection.

Select Random server:
You could want to connect with random VPN server places. Randomly hook up with any vicinity, random servers in precise international locations.

Server map 
All of our VPN servers are marked out on our server map, beneficial for visual identity. Your bodily area is also marked assisting you to see the space between servers.

Schedule IP changes
it has feature if changing IP’s of servers.

IP checker websites
checks and provide proof that your online identity has been changed on third party websites.

IP address history
IP history has features to make history of  IP addresses you have previously used.

Safe disconnections
In the unlikely event of an unexpected disconnection, you can make certain selected packages will no longer revert returned to the use of your default unencrypted net connection.

Note: 30 days trial version. Requires .NET Framework and HMA account.

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