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How to create android app free and earn 300$ To 500$

Today, I am going to tell you How to create android app free and earn money online with the easiest work from home. you don’t need any programming skills or you don’t need any paid app builder, app generator for building an app. you can simply create an app with free app maker online and you can be able to earn $300-to $500 per month. Yes $300-$500. for this you just need,

  • Adsense Account / Admob Account
  • Android  app
  • Fake GPS App
  • Psiphon App (paid version) 

So far this, I will completely guide you that how to create Adsense account and AdMob, How to create android app free. Fake GPS simply you can download from google play store. and Psiphon paid version. I will provide you Psiphon paid version free. Check below. so lets Start,

First, you need to Create  Adsense and Admob Account. if you know how to create Adsense account that’s good, if you don’t know,  Don’t worry, I attached video link below, though can be able to create Adsense account and AdMob account by yourself.  Simply Follow the Below Steps one by one carefully.  

Note:  Don’t Use your website or Youtube Adsense Account, use a new one for this earning app. 

Step 1:  How to create Admob/ Adsense Account  in Urdu Video:

Step 2: After Creating Adsense / Admob Account, now the next thing is to create Android Earning APP. and one thing, when you create Adsense account AdMob account is automatically created, you just have to enable in Adsense from setting.

step 3: Watch Next Video: How to create android app free in Urdu : 

Step 4: Now, your app is successfully created, now you just need your friends/ family/ or any relative mobile to install the app on their mobile and clicks on the ads by yourself daily mean self-clicking. through this method, you can earn up to $300 – $500 in a month.

Step 5: How To Use Android Earning App: 

Note: Remember, Don’t clicks on so many ads at the same time, just try to 9-10 clicks per mobile daily. if you do not follow the instruction, your account will be suspended Soon. and I am not responsible for this. and you will not be able to recover or get the $$  that you have made.

After completing the Tasks, clear your browser cache and data clear of the VPN, and GPS, earning app and browser. Remember only click on one ad per task. 

Proof: Friends we have already tested this and our most of the students earn money up to $300- to $500 through this self-clicking Earning App, I will attach proof video soon. but you just have to work smart. Best of Luck. 

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