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How to verify facebook page with gray badge

verify facebook page profiles and pages to let people they are authenticated by Facebook.
·         If a Page or Profile have blue badge on it, it means that it is verified by Facebook that this is a 100% authentic Profile or Pages for the Public Audience, media or brand. One thing Must keep in mind that Facebook does not verify all the celebrities and brands Pages or Profiles.
·         If a Page having gray badge it means that, it is verified by Facebook that this is an 100% authentic business Page. Many people Searches how to verify facebook page trick or how to get gray tick on facebook page So in this Article i will tell you about gray Badge Facebook. before going to the actual content, i want to share something special with you, if you want to earn money online from home must see How to earn money from Facebook. Now, Let’s Discuss How to verify facebook page with Gray Badge
Note: This is not possible to Purchase Facebook Verification of Blue or Gray Badge or Blue Badge.
verify facebook page

How to Verify Facebook Page?

I will Tell You how to verify facebook page with gray badge. One thing Must Keep in mind that, This Method is only work on New Fb Page Not Old Page. Let’s Start step by Step How to Do that,
    • First of all, Go to Play Store, and Download HMA Pro VPN.
    • After Downloading the HMA Pro VPN, Open and Choose 7 Day Trail. (Download HMA PRO Serial Keys From given Below)
    • Now Download Mozilla Firefox from Play store.
    • Open HMA Pro VPN with United state Proxy.
    • After This, Open Mozilla Firefox, Go to Setting, Select desktop view.
    • Write then Press Enter. Facebook is open like open in Desktop.
    • Create FB Id with any name, Enter USA Phone Number instead of Email. e.g. +12342360011
    • Enter Password and Press Signup.
    • When it Asking for code, just see below there is an option of Enter Email.
    • Enter Email and Verify email through email verification.
    • Note: And Do not change Number that you have Enter.
    • Now you have USA Facebook Account. Facebook is open in front of you like open in computer/laptop Desktop.
    • Click on create Facebook Page, there are many Categories, but you have to Select category “Local Business”.
    • Then Select Category “Arts and Entertainment”.
    • Enter ZIB CODE 91601.

  • Enter Any USA Number. e.g. +12342191234
  • Click on Create Page.
  • Upload Page Profile photo and cover Photo.
  • Now Make Admin of your any other id to this page, if Id is deleted then you page is safe, you can access through another id.
  • Now you have to Wait 2 or 3 Days, After 2 or 3 days. Open that is with same proxy and Go to Page.
  • Go to Page Setting, there is an Option of “Page verify”.
  • Enter Business License or Certification of formation (if you don’t have then ask you’re any USA Friend).
  • If you don’t have then any USA then Follow Me. See image Below and Write Name and Address and Sent to Facebook to verify your Page.


How to verify Facebook page with Gray or Blue Badge
  • Your Page will be Verify with gray Badge within 24 to 48 hours.
Note:  The Verification option will not show If you open the Account without proxy. Do not Open Facebook Account anywhere else that you have created with a proxy.


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