Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk Free Download

Get free Samsung Bypass Google verify Apk file Latest version.  Samsung Bypass Google verify Apk the app is the best to bypass google verify the account. sometimes whilst you are the use of the lollipop firmware for your Samsung android phone it is stuck to a page showing to verify google account. This hassle can be only solved the use of Samsung bypass apk. All you need to do is connect your phone via OTG cable to an external drive and install the google verify apk from it and your phone will be reset and start working accurately.

Here I will show you a new method to bypass the Google account this method works on all Samsung devices with Android and it is very easy so just follow my steps and you will see that this Samsung Bypass google verify Apk file will help you to make your phone better and work properly. 

Steps of Samsung Bypass: 

  • The first thing that you must do is to go online on Internet Explorer and go to google and download some song side sync.
  • Download and install on your computer this Bypass Apk file.
  • After you install just open the application and leave it on your desktop now let’s go back to the phone.
  • click on the yellow arrow and first thing that you must do is connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • then click connect.
  • Now click next and next agree.
  • here you must verify your account so all that you must do is connect your phone to go to your computer. we don’t like to reduce a bit data cable and you have to connect your phone and now you will see a window is open on your phone.

samsung bypass google verify apk

How To ByPass Samsung bypass google verify

  • Copy the Android Apk on USB
  • Switch on phone
  • content to USB via OTG cable
  • Go to file manager
  • find the Samsung bypass google verify Apk
  • Install it 
  • Reset the phone through setting      
  • samsung bypass google verify apk

Download Samsung bypass google verifyApk file

File Size: 1MB

Price: Free


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