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Download Free Web Tracker WordPress Plugin

Web Tracker is an accurate and first-rate looking plugin. It helps you to track all visits to your WordPress website to check how much traffic you are catching on your website and from where you get traffic to your site. Web Tracker WP Plugin is very useful and important tool for ranking your websites through analyzing all the visits on our blog or website.

Web Tracker Plugin is a paid Plugin which you have to buy in $18. But here you can Download Web Tracker WordPress Plugin free from

Web Tracker WordPress Plugin


Tracking WordPress plugin has many features and provides leading page analysis for your WordPress website. You can use WP statistics Plugin for comprehensive statics of your website. We also provide some other WordPress Free plugins that track traffic to your website. Check out here.


·         It is real and correct Data Tracking plugin.
·         Web Tracker WP plugin Tracks Online visitors to see what they are doing.
·         It provides the detailed data range.
·         It is based on Geo IP location.
·         This WP plugin compares two date intervals to analyze.
·         Web tracker plugin automatically do Accurate Search.
·         And Many other benefits.

Requirements for Web Tracker word press Plugin:

This Web Tracker plugin is created by using PHP 5.3 and WordPress 3.8 since it uses common features of WordPress API and PHP, it also can work on older versions, but there is no guarantee for them.
·         PHP 5.3 or greater versions.
·         WordPress 3.8 or greater
·         Hosting with best MySQL machine required (avoid Dream Host servers)

Download Best Web Tracker WordPress Plugin

File Size: 1.43MB
Price: Free
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